Sibshop on the Lakeshore


Founded in 1990, the Sibling Support Project is the first national program dedicated to recognizing, promoting and addressing the life-long and ever-changing concerns of millions of siblings of people with developmental, mental, and medical health concerns. Public Health - Muskegon County's Children's Special Health Care Services (PHMC CSHCS) program is proud to be certified by the Sibling Support Project to host “Sibshop on the Lakeshore”.

What Are Sibshops?

Sibshops are lively peer support groups for school-age brothers and sisters of kids with disabilities and health concerns. They will meet other siblings (sibs), play some great games, laugh, talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sib with special needs, learn something about the services their sibs receive, and just have fun. 

Who Attends Sibshops?

Sibs, of course, the family members who will have the longest-lasting relationship with a person who has a disability. Sibshops are for school-age brothers and sisters of kids with developmental, intellectual, mental and medical conditions.

Who Facilitates "Sibshop on the Lakeshore"?

Here at PHMC, our CSHCS Registered Nurse is a Certified Sibshop Facilitator. She has personal and professional experience with children with special needs. The CSHCS staff is also knowledgeable about resources and services available in our community.

Who Sponsors Sibshops?

A wide range of agencies sponsor Sibshops: early intervention centers, school districts, children’s hospitals, disability support groups, churches, parks and recreation programs, etc.  Often, local agencies work with other like-minded agencies to cosponsor one Sibshop for all the brothers and sisters in a given community.

Interested In Attending?

If you have a school-age child who may be interested in attending a "Sibshop on the Lakeshore" workshop, please send us an email or call us at 231-724-6209.

Interested In Collaborating?

If you or your agency is interested in sponsoring, participating in or hosting a "Sibshop on the Lakeshore" event, please send us an email or call us at 231-724-6209 .

Keep an eye on this page for more information about upcoming 
"Sibshop on the Lakeshore" events!