September 22, 2020 Chaddock Drain Board of Determination

Notice of Chaddock Drain Board of Determination

Chaddock Drain

Notice is hereby given that a Board of Determination will be convened for the Peterson Road Drain.   The meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 1:30 pm via a virtual meeting using the Zoom Online Meeting Platform

Online Meeting Information:

  • Meeting Link. To participate electronically through Zoom, you can access the Boards of Determination through the following link:
  • Telephone Participation. For participation on Zoom via telephone, please call: (888) 475- 4499.
  • Meeting ID/Password. If prompted, the Zoom Meeting ID or password is: 863 1964 3722. 
  • Participation. Once individuals have joined the Board of Determination meeting area, the Drain Commissioner will provide further information about procedures for participation.

Meeting Information and Supporting Documentation:

For additional information about the Peterson Road Board of Determination, reference the documents below.