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Access & Fairness Survey


  1. 1. Access & Fairness
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. Comments
  • Access & Fairness

    1. Finding the Hall of Justice was easy

    2. The forms I needed were clear and easy to understand

    3. I felt safe in the Hall of Justice

    4. The court makes reasonable efforts to remove physical and language barriers to service

    5. I was able to get my court business done in a reasonable time

    6. Court staff paid attention to my needs

    7. I was treated with courtesy and respect

    8. I easily found the courtroom or office I needed

    9. The District Court's website was useful

    10. The court's hours of operation made it easy for me to do business

    11. If you are a party to a legal matter and appeared before a judicial officer today, complete questions 11 through 15:

    12. The way my case was handled was fair

    13. The judge listened to my side of the story before he or she made a decision

    14. The judge had the information necessary to make good decisions about my case

    15. I was treated the same as everyone else

    16. As I leave the court, I know what to do next about my case