What if I do not have an attorney but have questions about a criminal matter?

A Public Defender does not have an attorney "on call" for legal questions.  It is a staffing issue: Most of our lawyers are busy with their clients most of the time.  Still, if you can be patient with us, leave us a message and we will return your telephone call and attempt to assist you.  

Please remember that our lawyers are specialists.  They have been chosen to be public defenders because they are very good at what they do.  What they do is criminal law, the law of neglect and abuse, juvenile delinquency law and involuntary (probate) incarcerations.  That means if you have a question about land/tenant matters or custody issues or civil lawsuits, we are probably not the folks for you.  You might try:

        Legal Aid of West Michigan

         450 Morris Ave., Ste.104

         Muskegon, MI  49440

         (231) 726-4887

You can also call private (for hire) attorneys.  Many of them offer free consultations.

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