How do I find out who my lawyer is?

Call our office at (231) 724-6585 and follow the prompts to reach a secretary who can tell you who your attorney is.  At that time, you can set up an appointment to speak to him or her.  Since your lawyer is most likely in court all day, it is very unlikely that he or she will be there to take your call or meet with you without an appointment.

Please keep in mind that we may not know yet who your attorney is.  Attorneys are assigned after arraignment.  Once our office is appointed by the Court to represent you, we are not notified by the Court for a few days and even then, may not get your discovery materials for days after, so it may be a few days after you are arraigned before we can speak to you intelligently about your case.

Fred Johnson is probably not your lawyer.  As the County Public Defender, Fred Johnson is the attorney officially assigned to represent all clients of the Office. He is assisted by a highly skilled staff of experienced trial lawyers who are also dedicated to public defense as a career. These staff personnel are assigned by Mr. Johnson to work on your case as a team whereby all of the resources of the Office can be readily available to provide you with top notch legal representation at all times. Mr. Johnson will also select and monitor one of his regular staff lawyers to lead the team that will work on your case and that experienced trial lawyer will become the primary attorney responsible for your case. Mr. Johnson is the current Director of the Muskegon County Public Defenders so his name goes on everyone's appointment orders.  Another attorney will actually be assigned to represent you in court.

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