Is there a consequence for my refusal to serve?

Yes. M.C.L. 600:1346 makes the following acts punishable as contempt of court:

  • Failing to answer the questionnaire provided for in section 1313.
  • Failing to appear before the board or a member thereof, without being excused at the time and place notified to appear.
  • Refusing to take an oath or affirmation.
  • Refusing to answer questions pertaining to his qualifications as a juror, when asked by a member of the board.
  • Failing to attend court, without being excused, at the time specified in the notice, or from day to day, when summoned as a juror.
  • Giving a false certificate, or making a false representation, or refusing to give information which he can give affecting the liability or qualification of a person other than himself to serve as a juror.
  • Offering, promising, paying, or giving money or anything of value to, or taking money or anything of value from, a person, firm or corporation for the purpose of enabling himself or another person to evade service or to be wrongfully discharged, exempted or excused from service as a juror.
  • Tampering unlawfully in any manner with a jury list, the board box, the jury box or the slips.
  • Willfully doing or omitting to do an act with the design to subvert the purpose of this act.
  • Willfully omitting to put on the jury list the name of a person qualified for jury duty.
  • Willfully omitting to prepare or file a list or slip.
  • Doing, or omitting to do, an act with the design to prevent the name of a person qualified and liable to serve as a juror from being placed in the board box or jury box, or from being drawn for service as a juror.
  • Willfully placing the name of a person upon a list, or preparing a slip with the name of a person thereon or placing a slip in the jury box with the name of a person thereon, who is not qualified as a juror.

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