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Archive Bids Award found under Purchasing folder.

  1. 2019

Fiscal Year 2019

Solicitation # Solicitation Name: Awarded To: Board Approval:
RFQu 19-2361 Professional Engineering Services Pending Pending
RFQ 19-2357 (PDF) Move Overhead Electrical Lines Windemuller Inc August 1, 2019
RFP 19-2356 (PDF) IBNR Actuarial Services Oliver Wyman Actuarial Consulting August 22, 2019
RFQ 19-2355 Six (6) Garage Doors Closed Closed
IFB 19-2354 (PDF) Building A: Membrane Roof & Clerestory Window Replacement Great Lakes Systems Inc July 30, 2019
RFQu 19-2353 Wolf Lake Engineering Services In Review Pending
RFP 19-2352 (PDF) SCADA Programming and Hosting KISM August 1, 2019
RFP 19-2351 (PDF) OPEB Actuarial Services Lewis & Ellis Inc June 11, 2019
RFP 19-2350 (PDF) Swanson Road Jackson-Merkey Contractors August 1, 2019
RFP 19-2348 (PDF) Fleet Maintenance & Management Services Emergency Services LLC June 11, 2019
RFP 19-2347 (PDF) VXC Zero or Thin Clients Civitas IT July 30, 2019
RFB19-2346 (PDF) Sale of Alfalfa Beaver Creek Dairy LLC, Brian Ryzebol Dairy LLC April 11, 2019
RFP 19-2345 (PDF) Office Supplies Integrity Business Solutions May 23, 2019
RFP19-2344 (PDF) Legal Counsel Services Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC July 16, 2019
RFP19-2343 (PDF) Legislative Consulting Services Governmental Consulting Services April 30, 2019
RFP19-2342 Fleet Maintenance & Management Services No Award
RFP19-2341 (PDF) Insurance Brokerage Services Arthur J Gallagher April 30, 2019
RFP19-2340 (PDF) Bond Counsel Miller Canfield Paddock Stone LLC April 16, 2019
RFP19-2339 (PDF) Financial Advisor PFM Financial Advisers LLC April 16, 2019
RFP19-2338 Terminal Parking Access and Revenue Control System In Review Pending
RFP19-2337 (PDF) Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood
Northside Heating & Cooling & Refrigeration March 12, 2019
RFB19-2336 (PDF) Agricultural Chemicals
Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Wilbur Ellis Company March 7, 2019
RFP19-2335 (PDF) Server and Storage Infrastructure Upgrade CDW Government LLC
May 23, 2019
RFB19-2334 (PDF) Household Hazardous Waste
US Ecology Inc
March 7, 2019
RFP19-2333 (PDF) Compactor Wheel & Teeth Replacement
Michigan CAT June 6, 2019
RFQ19-2332 (PDF)
Hauling of Dried Sludge
Yellow Rose Transport
February 7, 2019
RFB19-2331 (PDF)
Calcium Nitrate Solution
Evoqua Water Technologies
February 7, 2019
RFB19- 2330 (PDF)
Ferric Chloride Solution
Webb Chemical Service Corp
February 7, 2019
RFP19-2329 (PDF)
Procure & Installation of an Automatic Transfer Switch
Newkirk Electric & Associates
February 7, 2019
RFP 19-2328 (PDF) Route Study & Comprehensive Operational Analysis
Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning Inc
April 16, 2019
RFQu19-2327 (PDF) General Landfill Engineering Services
Golder Associates Inc.
March 7, 2019
RFP19-2326 (PDF) Five Year Agreement for Custodial & Cleaning Services at Muskegon County Airport and CVB
Professional Building Services LLC
June 25, 2019

RFP19-2325 (PDF) Five Year Agreement for Custodial & Cleaning Services at Muskegon Area Transit Sites
Professional Building Services LLC
June 25, 2019
RFP19-2324 (PDF) Five Year Agreement for Custodial & Cleaning Services at South Campus Sites
Professional Building Services LLC
June 25, 2021
RFP19-2323 (PDF) Five Year Agreement for Custodial & Cleaning Services at HealthWest Center Sites
Professional Building Services LLC
June 25, 2019
RFP19-2322 (PDF) Five Year Agreement for Custodial & Cleaning Services at Michael E Kobza Hall of Justice & Heritage Landing
Professional Building Services LLC June 25, 2019
RFQu19-2321 (PDF)
Professional Environmental & Hydrogeolgoical Consultant Services
Wood Environmental
March 21, 2019
RFQ19-2320 (PDF) JTC Vended School Meals -Reimbursable Mona Shores Public Schools October 30, 2018
RFP19- 2319 Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment No Award N/A
RFP19-2318 (PDF) Board & Care of Impounded Dogs Pound Buddies December 12, 2018
IFB 19-2317 (PDF) Laboratory Renovations Skye Contracting April 11, 2019
RFB19-2316 (PDF) Agricultural Style Telehandler MacAllister Rentals December 13, 2018
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Fiscal Year 2018

Solicitation #: Solicitation Name: Awarded To: Board Approval:
RFP18-2315 (PDF) Food Service & Vending Services Morat's Bakery October 30, 2018
RFP18-2314 (PDF) JTC Vended School Meals Lake Effect Kitchen (Non-Reimbursable, Holidays & Weekends) October 30, 2018
RFB18-2313 (PDF) Hydraulic Wing Folding Superroller Thelen AG Products Inc August 16, 2018
RFB18-2311 Hydraulic Wing Folding Superroller No Award July 24, 2018
RFP18-2310(PDF) Transit Technology Implementation Plan SRF Consulting Group
January 15, 2019
RFQ18-2309 Vended School Meals for JTC No Award July 31, 2018
RFP18-2308 (PDF) Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator The ASU Group September 25, 2018
RFP18-2307 (PDF) Channel Crossing Engineering Johnson and Anderson, Inc. July 18, 2018
RFP18-2306 (PDF) Air Permitting and Reporting Services Air Quality Specialist Inc August 16, 2018
IFB18-2305 (PDF) Install Three Irrigation Wells Katz Well Drilling Inc June 14, 2018
 IFB18-2304 (PDF) Surplus Equipment Auction Services Plummer's Environmental Services June 14, 2018
RFP18-2303 (PDF) Surplus Auction Services Miedema Auctioneering Inc August 14, 2018
RFP18-2302 (PDF) Official 2019 (2020, 2021) Muskegon County Visitor Guide Harbor House Publishers Inc. July 17, 2018
IFB18-2301 (PDF) Maintenance Building Addition Grand River Construction June 14, 2018
RFP18-2300 (PDF) Architectural Services for Laboratory Renovation Prien & Newhof June 14, 2018
RFP18-2299 (PDF) Surveyor & Remonumentation Split Award Equally: Driesenga & Associates Inc.; Moore & Bruggink, Westshore Consulting September 11, 2018
IFB18-2298 (PDF) Center Pivot Irrigation System Zirk Welding and Irrigation April 12, 2018
RFB18-2297 (PDF) Agriculture Chemicals & Fertilizers Ceres Solutions Cooperative Inc.: ESN
CHS Inc: Eptam
Wilbur Ellis Company: Alfalfa Foliar, Soybean Foliar, Corn Starter, Acuron, Bronc Max, 0-0-62
Crop Production Services: 0-0-30, Shredder, Sanner, Maximizer, Roundup, 3-10-15.5, Boundary 6.5, Tombsone
April 12, 2018
RFB18-2296 (PDF) Sale of Alfalfa Bever Creek Dairy (Fields 3 & 4)
Brian Ryzebol Dairy (Fields 14, 20, 44, 47 & 51N)
April 12, 2018
RFP18-2295-2 Food Service Contractor No Proposals Received N/A
IFB18-2294 (PDF) Grain Center Upgrade RW Mercer Company March 22, 2018
IFB18-2293 (PDF) Heritage Landing Point Erosion Repairs Riverworks Construction March 22, 2018
IFB18-2292 (PDF) WasteWater Treatment Improvement Rapid Infiltration Beds Jackson-Merkey Contractors October 18, 2018
RFP18-2291 (PDF) Landfill Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting Engineering & Environmental Solutions LLC June 14, 2018
RFP18-2290 (PDF) Temporary Staffing Services GoodTemps March 22, 2018
RFB18-2288 (PDF) Used Skid Steer with Rotary Cutter MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc. March 8, 2018
RFP18-2287 (PDF) Ad-Hoc Engine-Related Diagnostic and Repair Services Cummins Sales and Services March 22, 2018
IFB18-2286 (PDF) Cell No. 3 Improvements Triangle Associates June 14, 2018
RFP18-2285 (PDF) Technology Evaluation and Acquisition Plan for MATS Reject All Bids April 24, 2018
IFB18-2284 (PDF) Distribution Channel Screen Addition and RI Pump Station Screen Replacement Grand River Construction March 8, 2018
IFB18-2283 (PDF) Deremo Access Site Road Michigan Paving and Materials February 27, 2018
RFP18-2282 (PDF) Diesel Storage Tank Replacement / Fuel Dispensing / Fuel Management System Upgrade Oscar W. Larson Co. May 22, 2018
RFP18-2281 (PDF) Calcium Nitrate Solution Webb Chemical Services Corp. December 7, 2018
RFB18-2280 (PDF) Ferric Chloride Webb Chemical Services Corp. December 7, 2018
RFB18-2279 (PDF) Flow Meter Calibration Services RS Technical Services Inc. December 7, 2018
IFB18-2278 (PDF) Dental Operatory Construction Clifford Buck Construction January 30, 2018