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Transfer Station Disposal Rates

  • Residential customers with municipal solid waste, demolition and other debris: $46 per ton with the following minimum charges:
  • Sedan (car): 2 1/3¢ per pound ($8 minimum up to 340 pounds)
    Note: A sedan is defined as a passenger automobile with a separated trunk area from the passenger compartment that is only accessible from the exterior of the automobile.
  • All other vehicle types: 2 1/3¢ per pound ($22 minimum up to 940 pounds)

Landfill Disposal Rates (Within Landfill)

  • Muskegon County haulers only with contracts in force: $27.50 per ton ($17.30 minimum)
  • Industrial, demolition, and all other wastes not listed: $34.60 per ton ($17.30 minimum)
  • Animal carcasses: $45 per ton ($27.50 minimum)
  • Contaminated soil: $48 per ton ($50 minimum)

Call the landfill for any special rates on large quantity soils or sludges or other waste(s) not listed