Qualification Questionnaire Tips

Hints for Completing the Qualification Questionnaire

Hints When Marking Specific Questions

  • If you are over 70 years of age or older and wish to be permanently exempt, mark the yes box. Verify that you have listed your birth year correctly. Complete your questionnaire online via the Jury Web Solution website.
  • I have a physical or mental disability and wish to claim exemption from jury duty. If you mark the yes box, you must email Juror Response a copy of a statement from your doctor or medical facility or it can be faxed to 231-332-4049. If a doctor's statement is not available detail the problem in the email.
  • Have you been paid as a juror during the past 12 months? According the Michigan Compiled Law 600.1307a., a person has served as a juror if that person has been paid for jury service. The Jury Board/Jury Clerk checks to verify the dates served if the yes box is marked.
  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If you mark the yes box, state the city, state and date of the felony conviction.

Special Information

  • Student: Parent can complete the questionnaire online via the Jury Web Solution website. A copy of the class schedule, school ID or transcripts may be emailed to Juror Response or faxed to 231-332-4049. There is no need to forward to the student.
  • Military: Parent/Spouse/or designated person can return questionnaire with service location of the military person selected.
  • Deceased: Note basic information on top of the questionnaire and return the questionnaire to the jury commission.

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