Step 5

Step 5 is our juvenile diversion program that is designed to give first time offenders who are non-violent a second chance. Kids that are truant, violate curfew or are involved on other minor offense are given a chance to keep their records clean if they enroll in one of three programs sponsored by the Social Justice Commission. Program 1 is called “Project Justice” which is an 8 week leadership training program that has been developed and run by Muskegon Community College. This program allows kids to learn positive leadership skills and gain employment skills to get them ready for a positive future.

The cost of this program is $75 and successfully completion can result in free college credit. Program 2 is a faith based program called “Men and Women of Honor.” This program is a weekly support and mentor group that teaches young people how to live their lives with honor. The weekly meetings culminate in a weekend retreat that involve kids from all over the Muskegon County area.  Program 3 is the Mediation and Restorative Justice Program that requires kids to participate in class like programming and community service projects. Successful completion of these programs results in no charges being filed against the juvenile offender.