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Welcome to Muskegon County GIS Open Data Library 

The geographical data accessed through the Muskegon County GIS Data Library is provided as a public service to the taxpayers and business owners that serve in the Muskegon County, Michigan region and all data is accessed at the user's own risk. Download and use of this data indicates your unconditional acceptance of the Muskegon County Data Download / Use Agreement Terms and Conditions.

File Format:          Zipped Files Containing Esri Shapefile formatted GIS Data
Data Projection:   State Plane NAD 1983, Michigan South Zone
                              International Feet (data files will contain projection information)
File Updates:       File updates are posted on a weekly basis

GIS DatasetCoverage/Qty$ PriceDownload Link
Street Centerline DataFull CountyFreedownload_button
Municipal BoundariesFull CountyFreedownload_button
Parcel DataFull County$20,000.00Not Available
Parcel DataFull Township/City$0.35 Per ParcelNot Available
Parcel DataSelected Parcel Set$0.50 Per ParcelNot Available
Parcel Data with OwnershipFull County$24,000.00Not Available
Parcel Data with OwnershipFull Township/City$0.40 Per ParcelNot Available
Parcel Data with OwnershipSelected Parcel Set$0.55 Per ParcelNot Available
Contours - 1ftPer Photo Tile (tiles are 2500x2500 feet)$10.00 Per TileNot Available
Contours - 1ftFull County Coverage as Esri File Geodatabase$1,500.00Not Available
Aerial Photography Tile (Current: 2014)Per Photo Tile (tiles are 2500x2500 feet)$20.00 Per TileNot Available
Aerial Photography - Full County (Current: 2014)Full County as Mr. SID Image File$5,000.00Not Available
Aerial Photography Tile (Historic: 2008, 2001)Per Photo Tile (tiles are 2500x2500 feet)$10.00 Per TileNot Available

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