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Muskegon County GIS in partnership with Public Health Muskegon County has developed both a desktop and mobile-optimized dashboard to track and share the COVID-19 case information for Muskegon County, Michigan.  

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A division of the Muskegon County Information Technology department, Muskegon County GIS manages the County enterprise GIS. We provide spatial technologies, applications, and services in support of the business needs of the customers, departments, clients and public within Muskegon County. 

Featured Mapping Applications

Following are a few featured public GIS applications that are featured for the month.  All of the GIS applications can be found on the GIS Applications page and/or the Story Maps page.  

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Muskegon County Public Drain System Viewer:

The Muskegon County Public Drain System Viewer has been developed by Muskegon County GIS and the Muskegon County Drain Commissioner to share information pertaining to the County Drain System to residents and interested parties.   The viewer is a reference tool and all information should be verified through authorized sources.   

Portal_Land_Bank_Public_Viewer_400px Opens in new windowLand Bank Properties Viewer:

The Land Bank Property Viewer showcases properties that are now, or once were, in the holdings of the Muskegon County Land Bank.   The viewer provides basic property information and is intended to demonstrate the impact that the Muskegon County Land Bank is having on improving neighborhoods.

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*NEW*  Property Information Viewer V2020 - Beta Testing Release

After many years of the original Property Viewer, software upgrades are necessitating a full update of the Property Viewer.  This viewer is being release in Beta Testing Form. We appreciate any feedback and you can contact us via our contact information on the website. 


Property Viewer - Classic Version:

The Property Viewer provides access to basic property information, aerial photography and assessment information.  Additionally, property reports and descriptions are available by printing a report.   PDF links are available for subdivision plats from the "identify" tool and then clicking on the map.

Muskegon County Cemetery ViewerMuskegon Cemeteries:

The Muskegon County Cemetery Viewer features burial plot information, headstone pictures, and information pertaining to cemeteries across Muskegon County.  The viewer is hosted and maintained as a joint effort between Muskegon County GIS and the Muskegon County Genealogical Society.

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