Victim Services Unit


The Victim Services Unit of the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Office was established in April of 1989 when Prosecutor Tony Tague recognized a serious need for crime victim services in Muskegon County. Evolving through the years from a small group of volunteers to a staff of a supervisor, four full-time Victim Advocates, two part-time Victim Advocates, and numerous volunteers/interns, the Victim Services Unit provides a number of diverse services to the victims of crime.

What We Do

Victim Advocates strive to intervene and assist citizens from the point of their victimization through the conviction and sentencing of the offender. At the point of initial contact, the needs of a victim are immediately assessed. The Victim Advocate then determines whether emotional guidance, support or medical services are needed. Services provided by the Victim-Witness Unit may include any or all of the following: 

  • Assistance in obtaining restitution or return of personal property
  • Assistance with preparing oral and written impact statements
  • Case status updates
  • Courtroom orientation
  • Criminal justice support and advocacy
  • Follow-up contact
  • Funeral costs
  • In-person crisis intervention
  • Lost wages
  • Completion of Crime Victim Compensation forms for payment of medical bills

Who We Are

Lynn Meeuwenberg - Victim's Rights Supervisor

Jennifer Christman - Crime Victim Rights Coordinator (Circuit Court)

Linda Campbell - Crime Victim Rights Coordinator (Family and District Court)

Melissa VanDeWeg - Domestic Violence Specialist

Mary Patton - Vulnerable Victim Specialist

Jodee Swiatek - Crime Victim Rights Navigator


We are proud of the accomplishments of the Victim Services Unit. Since the formation of the Unit in 1989, our Victim Advocates have assisted thousands of crime victims and their families and insured the protection of their rights.