District Court Division

The People of Muskegon County are represented at the district court level by a team of assistant prosecutors who ensure that the large number of criminal files which pass through the 60th District Court are prosecuted diligently and fairly.

The District Court Division is responsible for all misdemeanor cases including Domestic Violence, Operating While Intoxicated, and Defrauding an Innkeeper. In 2021, the Prosecutor's Office handled over 6,000 misdemeanor cases.

Division Attorneys

Assistant Prosecutors Briann Wilson, Jeremy Lambrix, Anne VanderBroek, and Ana Lovas are assigned to Chief Judge Raymond Kostrzewa, Judge Geoffrey Nolan, Judge Maria Ladas-Hoopes and Judge Paula Baker-Mathes respectively.

Gavel on Book


The District Court Division is committed to giving victims of misdemeanor crimes the best possible representation and is dedicated to achieving justice in a firm, fair and swift manner.