What to do During a Chemical Emergency


If an emergency occurs go inside, turn on the radio or television and listen for instructions.

Follow Shelter In Place Instructions

  • Close fireplace dampers.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Gather flashlight, food, water, medicines, duct tape, towels, plastic sheeting, battery operated radio, and cordless telephone, if available.
  • Go inside immediately.
  • Go to an inside area or room and seal cracks and openings (using duct tape and plastic.)
  • If children are at school they will be protected. Do not travel to the school for them.
  • If you smell a chemical or anything unusual, dampen a towel and breathe through it.
  • Stay inside your home or building.
  • Stay still and quiet to minimize air use.
  • Stay tuned to a radio or TV station for further instructions, or for the "All Clear" to be issued.
  • Turn off air conditioners and heating system blowers.

All Clear

After the All Clear has been sounded:
Open Doors and Windows and air out the house. If you are away from home, go to a shopping center or public building for shelter and wait for instructions for shelter or evacuation.


Warnings / Emergency Action instructions will be Issued by Central Police Dispatch,
at the Direction of the Incident Commander:

  • Central Police Dispatch will activate the Warning Systems
  • Emergency Alert System EAS [Public Radio Warning System]
  • First Call Telephone Warning System
  • NOAA Weather Radio Warning System
  • Television Cable Override Warning System