Requesting Files

Please see main Circuit Court Records' page for 

office hours and closures.

Due to the volume of cases filed with the Muskegon County Circuit Court, we are unable to keep all files on-site. The records available on-site are as follows:

  • Family Court: Files from 2009 through the present. These include: divorce, paternity, support, custody, and PPOs
  • Criminal: Files from 2013 through the present
  • Civil: Files from 2014 through the present

Ordering Off-site Records

All files prior to the above dates are stored at an off-site facility. Off-site files may be ordered from the Circuit Court Records office, 231-724-6251, which is located at 97 E. Apple Ave, Muskegon, MI. Please allow a minimum of 2 days for the file to be delivered to our office, at which time we will notify you by telephone.


Copies cost $1 per page fee.

Certified Copies

Many governmental agencies require certified copies. Should you require a certified copy, there is a $10 certification fee, on top of the $1 per page fee. Please let us know at the time of your request that you require a certified copy. We cannot certify any document brought into our office.