Circuit Court Records


During the Court's closure, there are two ways to file documents with Circuit Court Records:  

1. Mail documents to Circuit Court Records, 990 Terrace, 6th Floor, Muskegon MI 49442; OR

2. E-Filing:

  • E-mail address for filing document(s) with CCR is:
  • Attach your document(s) in PDF format ONLY.  Taking a picture of your document with your phone will not be accepted for filing.
  • In the Subject Line of the e-mail reference the case number.   If it is for a new filing, reference “New Case” and whether it’s: Criminal, Civil, Paternity/Support, or Divorce.
  • If the case filing requires a filing fee, please process your payment via AllPaid (there is a minimal service fee charged by the credit card company to process).  The AllPaid website is: .  You may also call: (888) 604-7888 but the service fee is higher if you call versus processing it through their website listed above. 
  • A receipt will print out upon payment.  Please include a copy of this receipt with your filing so we know the filing fee has been paid.
  • If the petitioner qualifies for his/her fees to be waived, fill out Form MC01 (Rev. 10/19) and e-mail with filing.  The Fee Waiver form can be found at:
  • Upon receipt of the filing and Fee Waiver or payment, if required, CCR will process in OnBase and e-mail the assigned judge a copy of the motion and order.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND VIA E-MAIL AND MAIL.  This will cause a duplication of your filing.

For any document requests or questions, the will still be active, or you may call the office and leave a message at (231) 724-6251.

Nancy A. Waters, County Clerk      

Linda M. Larsen, Chief Deputy County Clerk

If you have document requests or inquiries, you may send those requests to  

1.  If you plan to come into our office, please be advised that you will have to answer a few health questions.  Using the QR code below will speed up the entrance process. Just keep the final screen up on your phone to show at the front door.

2.  Due to limited space inside the offices, it will be necessary for you to have all of your requests/applications completed before you are allowed inside the office, including having your identification documents and payment ready. 

3.  Please keep in mind that the offices close at 4:30 p.m. and some services can take up to 20 minutes to perform. Please allow for this when coming in to our office.


How do I file for Divorce?

If filing without an attorney, there is a website that is available to download the necessary forms, along with instructions on how to file the appropriate documents.

What is the filing fee for filing for divorce?

If filing for divorce involves minor children, the filing fee is $255.00

If filing for divorce without minor children, the filing fee is $175.00

*if a person is on public assistance or is low income, a Fee Waiver Request (MC 20) may be filled out to waive the above fee.  Please be sure if on public assistance, you include your public assistance case number, as that needs to be filled out on the form. This form can be found at the following website address:

How can I search for a case to find out the status of the case and when the next hearing is?

 Click on the following link for Circuit Court cases:

Click on the following link for District Court cases:

Click on the following link for Probate cases:

These links are also located on the Muskegon County website under Online Case Search.

How do I file for a legal name change?

Legal name change packets are sold for $5.00 at the Circuit Court Records Department located on the 6th Floor of the HOJ Building or can be obtained online at .  The packet includes instructions for filing for a name change, as well as the required forms to be filed.  New name change filing fee is $187.00. 

How do I get my conviction set aside or expunged?

Set Aside Conviction packets are sold for $4.00 at the Circuit Court Records Department, located on the 6th Floor of the HOJ Building (or can be obtained online (

The packet includes instructions for filing a set aside conviction, as well as the required forms to be filed.  There is no filing fee assessed for this type of filing.

Who do I reach when I have a question concerning my Circuit Court jury duty service?

Circuit Court Jury Clerk:  231-724-8825

Jury Hotline:  231-724-6395

Who do I call to request a transcript of my court hearing?

You will call the Judge’s secretary who the court case is presiding with.

Who do I call with questions regarding tickets or driver’s license suspensions?

District Court – Operations:  724-6302 (1st Flr HOJ Bldg)

Where do I go if I want to evict someone from a home I own?

District Court – Civil:  724-6329 (1st Flr HOJ Bldg)

Who do I contact if I need to reschedule a Circuit Court hearing date?

The judge’s secretary the case is assigned to.

Who do I contact with questions concerning my Circuit Court fines, costs, and payment plan?

Circuit Court Collections Department:  231-724-3470 (3rd Floor, HOJ Bldg)

I have a question regarding child support, parenting time, custody, paternity establishment, who do I contact?

Contact the State Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 877-543-2660.  Listen to the prompts and it will direct you to the right person within the 14th Circuit Friend of the Court.

I would like to pay for a document I requested from Circuit Court Records, how do I make this payment online?

Go to the following website: or call 1-888-604-7888.  If you are paying via online, please use the following PLC code:  5115.  ***Please note there is a convenience fee for using both of these services.  The fee chart is located on this site.  Please also note there is a significant difference when utilizing the phone service versus going online (can be as much as $7.00 more for using the phone service)

I would like to file a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against someone.  How would I do that?

For PPO’s:

Personal Protection Orders-

Attorneys and self-represented litigants can file PPO Petitions via:

 Mail- Attention 3rd Floor PPO Clerk, HOJ, 990 Terrace St., Muskegon MI 49442

 Email-

 Drop Box- Located at HOJ, 990 Terrace St., Muskegon MI 49442

PPO Petition Forms, available at:

 SCAO Court Forms-

 Michigan Legal Self-Help Center of Muskegon County-

 Forms available in the vestibule at the Hall of Justice

I have a question concerning adoptions.  Who do I contact?

Adoption Petitions are being accepted via mail. They can be mailed to: Attn:  Adoption Coordinator, 3rd Floor Hall of Justice, 990 Terrace, Muskegon, MI 49442.

I have a question concerning wills, guardianships and conservatorships.  How do I obtain information regarding this?

 Probate Court (see Muskegon County website– Frequently asked questions)


The Muskegon County Clerk is designated as the Clerk of the Muskegon County 14th Circuit Court and assists the Court with its many functions. The Circuit Court Records division of the County Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining civil, business court, criminal, domestic, and custody files for circuit court.

Case Information

The Circuit Court Records Office accepts new case filings, case pleadings, performs record searches, and issues certified copies of documents. All documents filed with the court are put on the computer system. Files may be accessed by the public at the counter of the County Clerk's Circuit Court Records Office.