Family Division

The Family Division of the Circuit Court was formed by the legislature in 1998. The operating principle is one judge for one family. The Family Division has three judges and combines the resources of the Friend of the Court and Juvenile Court within Family Court Services. Cases heard in the Family Division include: 

Vision Statements

The vision of the Muskegon County Friend of the Court is envisioning safe and healthy children and families in our community.

The vision for the Muskegon County Juvenile Court is to be working with you, for you, to help youth and families succeed.

Mission Statements

The Muskegon County Friend of the Court's mission is to enhance the lives of children and families through education and the promotion of self-sufficiency.

The mission of the Muskegon County Juvenile Court is to improve the lives of youth and families, prevent and reduce crime, and promote and maintain safe communities.

Employee Recognition

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