Fee Schedule

  • Placement Costs: per diem rate per court guidelines (net income) (M.C. Detention Center, foster care, residential, FIA)
  • Community Based Program costs:
    • Juvenile Intensive Services rate equals 1/2 the per diem of out-of-home placement
  • Court Services - Formal Probation: $45 per month
  • Attorney Fees:
    • Per appearance (plea, pretrial, disposition): $65
    • Per trial (includes pretrial, not disposition): $200
  • Traffic Costs:
    • Non-contested hearing: $60 (no ticket limit)
    • Contested hearing: $110 (if found guilty)
    • Failure to appear in court (FAC): $70 plus $15 money order to State of Michigan
    • OUIL (before Judge): $160
  • Show Cause Hearing:
    • Settled before actual hearing: $10
    • Before the Judge: $75
    • Contempt service fee for Bench Warrant, Wage Assignment, when respondent fails to appear: $100
    • Repeat offense contempt service fee: $50 each subsequent hearing

Court Program Costs

  • Expunge Record: $45
  • Community Service (Court Directed) / Victim Restitution - Work Program: $60
  • Weekend Work Program: $21
  • House Arrest: $5 per day
  • Certified Copy: $10
  • Tether only: $8.50 per day
  • Tether / Breathalyzer / Electronic Monitoring: $12.50 per day
  • Tether level 3: $14 per day
  • Tether Replacement Cost: Actual cost (Currently $300)
  • Consent Hearing: $60 Cost of Court Service
  • Consent Hearing (drug or alcohol offense): $75 Cost of Court Service
  • Drug Screening
    • Screenings done by Muskegon County Juvenile Court: $20 each

Reimbursement Information

The Michigan Juvenile Code (Section 18) gives the Juvenile Division of Family Court the legal authority to collect certain costs from parents, including the cost of placement, probation, attorney fees, restitution and others. The amount of the payment is to be reasonable, taking into account both the income and resources of the parent or guardian. Collection efforts for these charges may include: 

  • Bench Warrants
  • Show Cause Hearings
  • Tax Intercepts and further remedies as prescribed by law
  • Wage Assignments

Family Court staff strives to work with you regarding your reimbursement order. Should you have any questions, please call 231-724-6494. There will be an appointment date listed on your Reimbursement Order if you wish to discuss this in person. Also, be advised that it is Family Court policy to assess reimbursement costs to both custodial and non-custodial parents.

Cost Analysis for Court Services - 2008 / 2009                    

Muskegon County Detention Center$171.33 per day
Foster Care (State Rate)$16.65 per day
Foster Care (Intensive Rate) (Subject to Negotiation)$21.65 to $32.65 per day
Juvenile Intensive Services Program$35 per day
Relative CareVaries with agreement, not to exceed standard rate
Attorney Fees$65 per appearance
Non-Secure Detention$100 per day
Transitions$50 per day

Court program costs determined by rates / fees study or actual billable costs of program.