General Directions for Filing Paperwork

  • Pick up a Guardianship packet from Probate Court on the 5th floor of the Hall of Justice.
  • Return completed papers to Probate Court. If it is determined this is a Family Court case, you will be referred to Circuit Court Records on the 6th floor to turn in the paperwork and to pay the filing fee of $160.
  • You will be notified by letter, within 10 days, of your hearing date. Using this information you will then fill out the Notice of Hearing and mail it, along with a copy of the Petition, to all interested parties.
  • Fill out the Proof of Service (per instruction packet) and bring it, along with the original Notice of Hearing, to Circuit Court Records.

If necessary, a home study will be held prior to the hearing. The cost of the home study is $60 and is paid in the Probate Court on the 5th floor. A certified copy of the Letters of Guardianship will be mailed to you after the hearing.

Interested Parties

Interested parties are:

  • The minor if 14 years of age or older
  • Each person who has had the principal care and custody of the minor during the last 63 days
  • The parents of the minor, or if neither of them is living, any grandparents and the adult presumptive heirs of the minor
  • The nominated guardian