Courthouse Security & Procedures

Anyone entering the building will be subjected to a security check. Be prepared to pass through a metal detector and to have your belongings searched.

The following items should be removed from your body:

  • Any knifes, including pocket knifes, must be returned to vehicle.
  • Belts with metal buckles
  • Cellphones, pagers and blackberries
  • Coats and jackets
  • Handbags, briefcases, and other packages should be placed on the conveyor belt and the contents will be scanned
  • Heavy jewelry
  • Keys, key chains and key rings
  • Spare pocket change

Security Station

The security station is staffed by Muskegon County Sheriff’s deputies. Their primary job is to ensure that everyone coming into the building is appropriately screened. During peak hours, they may not immediately respond to requests for directions to various offices within the building. There is a large Directory when you come in immediately to the right of the security station. 

There will be two lines in the morning to allow staff to get to their stations as quickly as possible prior to the building opening in the morning. Citizens enter after 8 a.m.