Animal Control

If you have an animal complaint, please call Muskegon County Central Dispatch's Non-Emergency, 231-722-3524.  Muskegon County Animal Control does not respond to complaints involving cats.  If you found a stray cat please contact any of the following:

Faithful to Felines
2585 Hall Rd
Heaven can wait

Pound Buddies

Humane Society

Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control is responsible for handling animal complaints within Muskegon County.  Animal Control Officers investigate complaints regarding abuse/neglect of domestic animals and pick-up stray dogs. In addition, they perform the following duties:
• Investigating housing and care of farm domestics
• Investigation of animal cruelty complaints
• Enforcing state animal control laws, including licensing statutes
• Documenting animal bite reports
• Follow-up on dog license violations

Lost Pet Services
To report and search for a lost animal, please visit Pound Buddies Animal Shelter at 1300 E. Keating Avenue, Muskegon, MI  49442 with a photograph of your pet during the following hours:  
Monday - Friday:    8 am – Noon and   2 - 7 pm
Building CLOSED: M - F, 12 - 2 pm
Saturday:  8 am – 6 pm
1300 East Keating Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442
(231) 724-6500 (phone)
(231) 724-3495 (fax)

If You Found A Dog
If you find a dog during Monday–Friday business hours, deliver it to the Pound Buddies’ Keating Shelter or call Muskegon County Central Dispatch at (231) 722-3524.  If the dog is wearing its dog license tag or is microchipped, the owner information will aid in the return of the dog. Any Muskegon County stray dog that is found should be delivered to the custody of Pound Buddies Animal Shelter during scheduled working hours.  Anyone finding a stray dog may assist an Animal Control Officer by holding the animal until the Officer can pick it up, or by delivering it directly to the Keating Shelter.  Remember, the Shelter is the first place an owner will go to find a dog.
Surrendering your Pet
Surrendering your pet is a permanent decision. Please take time to consider your decision before surrendering your pet.

Dog License

Michigan Law requires all dogs 4 months and older to be licensed.  See the dog license application with Muskegon County Treasury Office. 

Additional Links for Services

Pound Buddies 
Faithful to Felines
Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven
Muskegon Humane Society
Noah Project