Compensation and Classification Study

Muskegon County contracted with MGT Consulting Group (MGT) in October of 2022 to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study (Study). The overall objective of the Study was to strengthen Muskegon’s compensation system to ensure that the system is accurate, equitable, and market competitive so the County continues to be positioned to attract and retain highly qualified employees. The recommendations provided in the report will assist Muskegon County in continuing to maintain a competitive compensation system that will support the County in its goal to compensate its employees fairly, at market competitive rates and to recruit and retain the best possible talent.

Over the past several months, MGT has worked with Muskegon County on the development of the Study. This memorandum is to provide an update of the Study and to thank the employees of Muskegon County for your continued support and patience throughout this ongoing process.

While the Study recommends uniform salary ranges based on responsibilities and requirements of each job, it is important to note the Study does not represent the following:

  • It does not represent an attempt to instruct departments how to organize or assign their work 
  • It does not represent an attempt to evaluate adequate staffing 
  • It does not represent an attempt to determine whether individual employees are performing their job functions as expected
  • It does not represent an attempt to determine whether an individual is qualified for their current position 

Classifications: Significant work has been conducted to date with MGT’s consulting team. Approximately 244 classifications have been reviewed for accurate job scoring, internal equity, and appropriate classifications for each eligible title. Positions were analyzed with respect to pay equity laws and scoring methodology as outlined by the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ). Multiple meetings and several hours have been dedicated to this Study by MGT as well as Muskegon County. Meetings were held with Department Directors/Elected Officials/Court Administrators to help ensure the job evaluation factors were consistently and fairly applied across all departments and among similar occupational groups. 

Study Results: The Compensation and Classification Final Report (PDF) and MGT Recommendations (PDF)

Next Steps: MGT will present the Study to the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners for additional explanation and discussion. A zoom link will be provided. The proposed Study will be evaluated for implementation options and financial feasibility as collective bargaining continues.