Guardian/Parent Information

Visiting Hours

Group A1: Saturdays from 2-3 pm

Group B1: Saturday from 4-5 pm

Group A2: Sundays from 2-3 pm

Group B2: Sundays from 4-5 pm

  • Visiting days/times are subject to change based on facility scheduling.
  • Failure to arrive on time may result in your having to wait until the next scheduled visitation day.

Rules for Visitation : Please note all visitations are monitored.

  1. All visitors will be electronically scanned by walking through the standing metal detector in the lobby. If necessary, a wand band may be used for security purposes prior to entering into the visitation area. If contraband is found, the visitor will be instructed to put the item in their car or be asked to leave.
  • Any visitor refusing to be scanned will be denied access to visitation. 

   2. No items may be exchanged by youth an the visitor during visitation.

  • If the visitor refuses to cooperate with the rules and expectation, visiting privileges may be restricted or denied.
  • Any visitor suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied visitation and instructed to leave the facility.

 3.Visitors will complete the Visitors Expectation form. Signed forms will be       placed in the visitation log.

4. Visitors are required to wear a mask. 

 5.Cell phones and other electronics are prohibited.

6. All keys are prohibited unless it is a locker key. If it is a locker key, parents/guardians must hold on to the locker key.

7. Coats and jackets must be removed before entering the visitation area.