Flight Information

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, thank you for Checking MKG First! MKG's goal is to make your travel experience the best possible with friendly staff, a short commute, close proximity parking with the lowest rates in the region, fast check-in and security screening, and a quick return of your luggage at the end of your trip. Best of all, it’s a short ride home from the airport. Who doesn’t love that after a long day of travel?


Flight Schedule

Muskegon to Chicago 6:40 AM 6:49 AM
Chicago to Muskegon 10:25 AM 12:22 PM
Muskegon to Chicago 1:10 PM 1:19 PM
Chicago to Muskegon 9:20 PM 11:17 PM

*Flight times are subject to change, please check www.united.com.