Mom Mentoring Program

Mom Mentoring is an evidence-based volunteer mentoring program for pregnant women to assist in decreasing our infant mortality rates.

Volunteer mentors will commit to 18 months, be trained, and will be matched with a pregnant woman to mentor.  Contact will take place one hour a week to develop a relationship, connect to community resources, and provide non-judgmental social and emotional support. 

Pregnant women can join the program free of charge, no matter of insurance or not if they are no more than 16 weeks pregnant and can commit to 18 months in the program.

There is biweekly educational series to learn about healthy pregnancy, prepping for childbirth, safe sleep, postpartum care, infant CPR and so much more.

We hold two celebrations: a baby shower for which each pregnant woman will receive a safe and healthy baby kit and a first-year birthday party where baby will receive a learn and grow kit.

See more on the program at  or by calling 231-724-4415.