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What is the Urban Safety Corps?

Located in various Muskegon County Sites, the program with the oversight of the Muskegon County Land Bank will work with City of Muskegon and City of Muskegon Heights Public Safety to implement initiatives to increase public safety by decreasing victimization and increase community awareness in the urban core neighborhoods in Muskegon County. The interventions employed by the program are intended to reduce blight, support community by promoting communication among residents / organizations and engage volunteers from across Muskegon County Neighborhoods to stimulate not only service but national service as well. 

Available Positions:

There are multiple opportunities to serve with the Muskegon County Urban Safety Corps. There is recruitment for part-time members to begin in April 2019. Beginning in March 2019 we will be taking applications for several positions - most of them will be for our Blight Elimination Team. We will also be recruiting an emergency response training position as well as GIS member. In the very near future, we will be looking for a team specifically for the months between June - August: Stay tuned!

Current Opportunities: Part-Time Positions

 Member must also have a flexible schedule as it is common for members to have events during the evening to attend and occasionally on the weekend. Upon successful program completion, members will receive an education stipend of $3047.50, and a living stipend totaling $6,866 during their term (to be distributed in equal increments bi-weekly).

Our program is HAPPY to coordinate with educational curriculum components such as a required internship. AmeriCorps can be an excellent way to develop personally and professionally - we are happy to coordinate with academic/internship advisers upon request.

How to Apply:

 All applications must be received through the AmeriCorps Portal

Step 1: Visit: and create your account.

Step 2:  Create your AmeriCorps application

Step 3: Submit your application to the Muskegon Urban Safety Corps AmeriCorps program. If done correctly, we will receive notification of your application and you will be contacted by the program director within 48 hours. 

Any questions or clarifications may be directed to Amanda Grover at (231) 724-6154 or