Muskegon County GIS Mapping

Muskegon County GIS logoMuskegon County offers GIS mapping applications as an interactive resource for developers to use to access property information.

Mapping ApplicationDescription
Property ViewerThe Property Viewer provides access to basic property information, aerial photography and assessment information.  
Land Bank Property Viewer
Provides access to information regarding properties owned by the Muskegon County Land Bank.
Census Explorer
The Census Explorer application is provided by the US Census Bureau and allows access to census data. 
Wetlands Map Viewer
The Department of Environmental Quality provides access to their Wetlands Map Viewer to identify potential wetlands on property.
FEMA Flood Map Viewer
The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides access to their Flood Map Viewer to identify floodplain on property.

For access to all Muskegon County GIS mapping applications, please visit Muskegon County GIS