Inmate Work Release

Work Release Requirements For Sentenced Inmates 

If you are sentenced to jail with the privilege of work release, you will need to meet certain requirements before you will be able to go to work.

You must pass a drug test given at the jail. Medical exemption cards will NOT be recognized (i.e. medical marijuana). Individuals taking narcotics will not be allowed on work release under normal circumstances. If failed, another test will not be authorized for another 30 days.

Payment for work up front. Monies must be paid for the upcoming week and are due in advance. This means you MUST pay before you go out on your first day of work.

Work release payment schedule (weekly)

up to and including 40 hours – $100.00

over 40 and including 50 hours - $125.00

over 50 and including 60 hours - $150.00

over 60 and including 70 hours - $175.00

over 70 and including 80 hours - $200.00

If you are a sentenced to work release on a FELONY, you will be required to be placed on tether PRIOR to going out on work release. This tether is placed on by an outside agency and will be done as available. The cost is $192.50 and is in addition to work release fees. The company that places the tethers is House Arrest Services  (616) 688-7872.

If you have prior debts on your account they may be required to be paid in addition to booking fees before going on work release.