Programs & Services

The Muskegon County Juvenile Transition Center provides a short-term, physically restrictive, safe, and humane environment for incarcerated youth. Muskegon County Juvenile Transition Center offers an individualized education program that is qualified to meet special educational needs. All children are required to participate in the school program. 

Residents received three nutritionally balanced meals and two snacks each day. The Detention Center provides cognitive-behavioral intervention programming and recreational and physical activities available to and required of each resident. There is a strong emphasis on prosocial skills and reducing the rate of recidivism through evidence-based programming.

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI)

The Muskegon County Juvenile Transition Center (MCJTC) and the 14th Court Family Division of Muskegon got trained in 2016 under the guidance of 

the University of Cincinnati Correction Institute under Dr. Latessa to change how we approach youth within the legal system. The MCJTC and the 14th circuit 

staff began diligently training in Core Correctional practices and Epics.

Programs that are offered in the Juvenile Transition Center are the following:

  1. Decision Points
  2. Thinking for a Change
  3. Aggression Replacement Training
  4. Advanced Practices
  5. EPICS ( probation officers facilitate this program in every meeting with youth receiving services under the 14th circuit court).