Programs & Services

The Muskegon County Juvenile Transition Center provides a short term, physically restrictive, safe and humane environment for incarcerated youth. Muskegon County Juvenile Transition Center offers an individualized education program that is qualified to meet special educational needs. All children are required to participate in the school program. 

Residents received three nutritionally balanced meals and an evening snack each day. The Detention Center provides a variety of recreational and physical activities which are available to and required of each resident. There is strong emphasis on individual and communal hygiene and youth are required to shower daily, change clothing and bedding often, and maintain their rooms in a clean and healthy manner.

Spiritual & Medical Services

Voluntary religious services are conducted regularly and there is emphasis on incorporating social skills and character development. The facility affords initial health screening and medical care. All youth are given a physical examination within seven days of admission. Emergency mental health assessment is available and case workers are expected to maintain regular on site contact with their charges.

Detention Center program components are designed to meet each individual youth’s needs:

Other Services

The Center welcomes and encourages collaborative or voluntary endeavors which provide programming to meet individual or group needs not otherwise specifically offered as routine Center programming.