Protection from Secondhand Smoke

Realizing that secondhand smoke is a serious threat to the health of our community, we strive to raise public awareness and take steps to reduce this threat.

Workplace Smoking Ban

Two laws prohibit smoking in workplaces in Muskegon County, the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke Free Air Law and the Muskegon County Clean Indoor Air Regulation (PDF). Most workplaces must comply with both laws. The main differences between the two laws is that the Smoke Free Air Law includes licensed food service establishments while the Clean Indoor Air Regulation does not.

Also, the Clean Indoor Air Regulation requires businesses to adopt, implement, make known and maintain a written smoking policy. It also prohibits smoking within 30 feet of any entrances, windows, and ventilation systems and it prohibits smoking in business vehicles.

For Worksites & Public Places

To File a Smoking-Related Complaint About a Non-Food Establishment, Business, or Public Place

Contact MDCH Tobacco Program by calling 517-241-6303 or fill out the Public Act No. 188 of 2009 Part 126 - Complaint Form and fax it to 517-335-9669

For Food Establishments

To File a Food Establishment Complaint

Contact Public Health - Muskegon County by calling 231-724-4406 or fill out the food establishment complaint form (PDF) and fax it to 231-724-3366.

Smoke Free Housing

Smoke free housing policies protect residents in multi-unit housing from involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke. Increasingly, smoke free apartment policies are becoming more common. 

Federal and state laws do not prohibit a property owner from implementing a smoke free policy for their building or grounds. Establishing a policy does not preclude a smoker from living in the building, rather it requires that all tenants abide by the policy while on the property.