Muskegon County Road Commission Board


  • 10 a.m.
  • The 3rd Thursday of the Month

Other Information

The Muskegon County Road Commission Board is responsible for:

  • Establishment, opening, discontinuing, vacating, closing, altering, improvement, maintenance and use of public highways and private roads
  • The condemnation of property and gravel thereof
  • Building, preservation and repairing of bridges

Term length established at time of appointment. Members are salaried.

Appointment Rules & Process

  • The Road Commission is comprised of five members, preferably, three of which would be representative of each of the service areas, those being Twin Lake, Whitehall and Apple Avenue; and two representatives would be from the County at-large.
  • Policy Number 2006-195 "Citizen Appointments/Reappointments to Advisory Boards/Committees" as amended January 22, 2008, will be utilized for all Road Commission vacancies.
  • No elected officials are eligible for appointment to the Road Commission. This includes, but is not limited to, township supervisors, treasurers, clerks, trustees, etc.
  • After initial appointment of two new members, all members will be appointed for 6-year terms.