Medication and Sharps Disposal

Medication & Sharps Disposal
Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program (MAMDP)
MAMDP is a public/private volunteer collaborative that provides residents of Muskegon County with safe and environmentally responsible outlets for disposing of unused, unwanted and expired medications. In the past, FDA and other government entities recommended old medications be flushed down the toilet or thrown in household trash, but this method has raised environmental concerns about the effects on drinking water, public health and safety, and accumulation of pharmaceuticals in our watersheds and aquatic life.

MAMDP has established daily collection opportunities for both controlled and non-controlled medications within area pharmacies and our all Muskegon County law enforcement agencies. 

Click here for a listing of all local take-back locations, including local pharmacies participating in the daily take-back of non-controlled medications (as well as those offering sharps disposal*) in addition to the controlled medication disposal drop-box locations now installed in each of  Muskegon County’s eleven law enforcement offices.    

*Note: In order for sharps to be accepted at participating locations, they must be in an appropriate container including red biohazard/sharps boxes, laundry detergent bottles or another sealed, hard plastic container.

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