Frederick D. Johnson, Jr. Biography

Frederick D. Johnson, Jr.Kind ladies and gentlemen, when talking about myself, I always start with my top priorities because it gives the listener insight into what type of person I am.

I am divorced.  My ex-wife Christy, who remains my friend, had two children at the time of our marriage whom I was blessed to help raise.  Christy has a twin sister who also had two children and if you know anything about twins, they’re always together and that means their children are always together.  I consider all four of the kids to be mine, as well as the six grandchildren we now have.

I have been a member of the First Community AME Church in Grand Rapids my entire life, until now.  Now, I will find a church home in Muskegon.

I graduated law school in ’84, passed the bar in ’85 and have been practicing law ever since.  I have been a Navy JAG lawyer, a prosecutor, a member of the parole board, and most frequently, a defense counsel although my practice has included representation of juveniles and parties to neglect and abuse allegations.

In what I consider the pinnacle achievement of my professional career, in September of this year I was honored to be selected Muskegon County Public Defender. I now live in Muskegon and am honored to represent Muskegon County as its Chief Public Defender.


2013 November 22 Muskegon County Legal News

Muskegon County District Court opts out of new public defender system for misdemeanors (MLive)