LEPC Organization

L.E.P.C. Local Emergency Planning Committee


L.E.P.C. 2018 Meeting Schedule


For CSAC meeting dates and place, contact Muskegon County Emergency Services at (231) 724-6341.



The County of Muskegon will provide necessary auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired, and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities who want to attend the meeting upon 24 hour notice to the County of Muskegon.

Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids and services, should contact the County of Muskegon by writing or calling the following:

Michael J. Kobza, Hall of Justice
990 Terrace Street
Muskegon, MI 49442
Phone: (231)724-6505

To Contact the Muskegon County LEPC

Muskegon County Emergency Services
1611 Oak, Suite 104
Muskegon, Michigan 49442
Phone: (231)724-6341
FAX: (231)724-6678

Richard D. Warner, II, Director of Emergency Services
Email: WarnerRri@co.muskegon.mi.us

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Muskegon County Emergency Services