Muskegon County, experience the lake effect
Hall of Justice
990 Terrace, Muskegon, MI
March 11, 2008 - 3:30 p.m.
James Derezinski, Chair
John Snider, Vice-Chair

 1. Call to Order

 2. Pledge of Allegiance

 3. Invocation

 4. Roll Call

 5. Approval of Agenda

 6. Approval of Previous Minutes

- Approval of Minutes of February 29, 2008

 7 . Committee Reports

A. Courts/Public Safety Committee
B. Human Resources Committee
C. Ways & Means Committee

 8. Chairman’s Report/Committee Liaison Reports

A. MAC Legislative Updates of February 22 and 29, 2008
B. County Government Week Proclamation - April 6 - 12, 2008; Theme - “Protecting our Children”

   9. Administrator's Report

- Request to Authorize Public Hearings for Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant Applications

 10. Old Business

 11. New Business

 12. Public Participation

 13. Adjournment

Note: Public Participation - Persons may address the Commission during the time set aside for Public Participation or at any time by suspension of the rules. All persons must address the Commission and state their name for the record. Comments shall be limited to two minutes for each participant, unless time is extended prior to the public participation period by a vote of a majority of the commission.

The Courts/Public Safety Committee met on March 6, 2008, it was recommended and I move:

CPS08/03 - 04 To authorize the Prosecutor to apply for the 2008 VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health, for the purpose of continuing funding for the Domestic Violence Specialist, in the amount of $69,862 with a local match obligation of volunteer hours resulting in no impact on the General Fund, and for the Chairman of the Board to affix his signature to the certifications page.

CPS08/03 - 05 To amend the Agreement between the State of Michigan Department of Human Services and the County of Muskegon, Contract No. CSPA 08-61002 which increases the cumulative maximum reimbursement amount from $232,302 to $233,314 with no impact on the General Fund and to affix the signature of the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners to the amendment.

CPS08/03 - 06 To approve waiving the hiring freeze to allow the Prosecutor to make an appointment to the position of Assistant Prosecutor I, X08006, effective immediately.

CPS08/03 - 07 That the Board authorize the purchase of a JAVS autolog computer upgrade for the Family Division Hearing room located in Family Court Services in the amount of $2,580.00.

The Human Resources Committee met on March 6, 2008, it was recommended and I move:

HR08/03 - 12 To authorize the Health Department to accept an additional $10,000 from the Michigan Department of Community Health for a Building Healthy Communities Planning Grant to address the health needs of the greater Nelson Neighborhood area in the City of Muskegon.

HR08/03 - 13 To sign Amendment No. 2 of the FY07/08 CPBC agreement, subject to final review and approval by Corporate Counsel, with the Michigan Department of Community Health, with no effect on County General Funds.

HR08/03 - 14 To authorize the Board Chair to sign the agreement between the Muskegon County Health Department and Lakeshore Coordinating Council for substance abuse prevention services, subject to final review and approval by Corporate Counsel, in the amount of $129,894.00, effective from October 1, 2007 to September 30, 2008 with no effect on County General Fund.

HR08/03 - 15 To approve the fee rates for services provided by Community Mental Health effective March 1, 2008.

HR08/03 - 16 To approve reclassification of the vacant Supports Coordinator/DD position (BPN #X87122) at Community Mental Health, to Supports Coordinator/MI and transferring this position from Supports Coordination (2220-7144) to Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative.

HR08/03 - 17 To authorize a request for bids on video conferencing equipment and supplies for the Community Mental Health project on Family Psychoeducation.

The Ways and Means Committee met on March 6, 2008, it was recommended, and I move:

WM08/03 - 38 To approve payment of the accounts payable of $5,173,047.94 covering the period of February 13, 2008 through February 29, 2008, as presented by the County Clerk.

WM08/03 - 39 To purchase from the City of Muskegon, the North ½ of Lot 6, Block 213, Revised Plat of 1903, City of Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan for the sum of $1 (one dollar) and to authorize the Board Chairman to execute the purchase agreement.

WM08/03 - 40 To accept the grant for 2008 Survey and Remonumentation Grant Offer and authorize the County Administrator to sign the grant agreement and Request for Payment form and return it to the State of Michigan.

WM08/03 - 41 To waive the hiring freeze and allow the Sheriff’s Office to fill vacant Communication Dispatcher position #G22001.

WM08/03 - 42 To waive the hiring freeze and allow the Sheriff’s Office to fill the vacant Corrections Officer position #005031.

WM08/03 - 43 To approve the Equalization Department’s request to waive the hiring freeze and fill vacant Appraisal Technician position #G09202.

WM08/03 - 44 To deny the request to waive the hiring freeze and request to waive Personnel Rules and re-appoint Fred Helms to the budgeted position of Drain Inspector for a six-month period beginning June 2, 2008 as has been done in the past.


The County of Muskegon will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities who want to attend the meeting upon 24-hours notice to the County of Muskegon. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the County of Muskegon by writing or calling:

Hall of Justice, Fourth Floor
990 Terrace Street
Muskegon, MI 49442
(231) 724-6505


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