The Driver Responsibility Fee

The Driver Responsibility Fee (DRF) law has also been amended by Public Act 283 of 2014 allows one to preform community service in place of paying certain Driver Responsibility fees.

Beginning January 1, 2015, one can complete 10 hours of community service for each qualifying violation. The Community Service program will end on December 31, 2015. Any community service application forms submitted after December 31, 2015 will not be counted.

Community service can be accepted instead of payment for the following qualifying violations:

  • No Proof of Insurance
  • No Insurance
  • Drove without Proper License, Endorsement or Vehicle Group Designator
  • Drove While License Expired
  • Drove While Unlicensed or License Not Valid

Note: This program or not include "Driving While License Suspended, Revoked or Denied" or "No Insurance Under the Insurance Code."

If eligible, one will be mailed one written notification to the address Treasury has on file. The notification letter will explain what offenses are on your driving record and which ones qualify for community service. Letters will be sent to qualifying individuals in a one-time mailing during December 2014.

Community Service

A community service application will be included with your notification letter. Fill out the form completely and mail it to the address as directed on the form. Applications are also available on the Driver Responsibility website. Information about the program may also be found at Secretary of State Branch Offices and Treasury Field Offices.

Community service should not be started until receipt of a verification letter from the Michigan Department of Treasury stating that the application has been received and approved. After application is received, the Department of Treasury will notify the Department of State of the intent on completing community service.

One will be given 45 days to complete your 10 hours of community service. If one has more than one qualifying offense on the driving record, you may decide to do your 10 hours of community service in blocks of 45 days each or group them all into one 45-day period.

Upon completion of the community service the person who supervised your volunteer efforts must sign your community service form, verifying that you completed the required hours and work. Once the form is signed, it must be sent back to the Department of Treasury at the address provided on the form.

If the DRF has been previously paid community service will not be approved.

Reinstatement fees are not included in the Community Service program.